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Fresh Fruit Mini Bowls

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Fresh Fruit Mini Bowls

Summer isn't the same without fresh, juicy fruit. I am always intrigued by the mesmerizing color of the fruit inside and out. This limited line was inspired by the color variations of some of my favorite Summer fruit. Which is your favorite?


Size: approximately 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) diameter at the top x 1.25 inch (3.18cm) high

Each bowl has been hand dipped by ME. I don’t measure or tape the bowls to create perfectly identical bowls. I believe beauty is in organic lines and natural movement, which means the color dipped portion may vary between bowls and may show more or less wood as your move around the bowl.
Wood grains are part of the natural beauty of the wood (wood grains make me HAPPY). Grain colors can vary from light to dark brow or even a greyish hue. These colors should not be construed as flaws but part of the uniqueness of the item.

*Please note: due to the reaction of the dip there may be small bubbles that occur on the bottom and sides of the bowl*
So many uses for these wonderful mini bowls: *Use them in the kitchen for spices. *On your dresser to keep your jewels. *On a window sill filled with a mini succulent. *A place to display mini blooms. *At your desk with an air plant for some fresh air.
Of course your friends would also love a MINI gift.
How about for your guests: *Party Décor. * Natural wedding favors... The options are endless.
Like all wooden tools and utensils, a natural patina is gained with each use showing the natural richness and character of each piece. Please hand wash, do not scrub with abrasive material. I suggest seasoning them. My FAVORITE is this all natural Bee’s Oil Preserver or a food safe mineral oil before use and when wood looks dry to avoid cracking. Wood portion may stain when used with dark colored foods such as spaghetti sauce but can wear away with consecutive uses.

Bee’s Oil Preserver here: http://windandwillowhome.bigcartel.com/product/bee-s-oil-bowl-preserver